Crew, team, pack etc.

    the team And since all the renowned advertising agencies on there team page make the corks of creativity pop with philosophical soft skill subtlety, we just don’t do it and describe what it really is. Nevertheless, embellished-but not completely buried. Honestly – without an image, live is much more relaxed The motto: What you See is what you get – Have fun!

    At the printbrain we are right now 2 guys and an old dog. But since this site would otherwise be so empty, we simply paid friends, put our (as mentioned) office dog as well as virtual girlfriends in it.

    Many people work for the printbrain advertising agency in Mülheim Ruhr. Designers, illustrators, developers, consultants, nerdy tec-kids, producers and even other agencies. Depending on the project, we are as big as you need us.

    how it works at printbrain? It is clearly a question of the day-to-day form. As is the case for men over the age of 40. Going through has an impact, fixed bowel movement is luxury, when doing sports still thinking that you only 20 years old. etc.-Therefore also a job where you don’t have to move so much – the main thing: the head is still on – and that’s always in top shape! Our work is usually associated with lots of fun – but also efficiency.

    Ifyou have no more desire to be socially lonely as a freelancer – why not joining us? We are looking for partners to increase the Team.

    Where: In the middle of Mülheim in the CWS3. In our mini co-working space with guest room rental and training center for max. 6 people-take in a confined space-between raised bed-experiment and open-air office, under health-threatening coffee consumption, things take their course.

    Stefan Kitzka

    Carsten Osthaus

    Marcus Maxen

    Virtual girlfriend
    (A really ugly woman)


    Canis faber
    (Lazy dog)

    Welcome to the Ruhr region

    Office life: When the neighbor mows the lawn at lunchtime.

    Small agency, freelancers and a desire for our concept?

    Send us a mail and we see how we fit in with each other.