You want an awesome website? Best with us if you …

want to edit your website yourself from time to time, but don’t want to refrain from consulting nerve the "acquaintances" with your website and he never has time for you have ever purchased a website for a lot of money, which is now too old have found out that the website builder does not really work for you been robbed by your agency for changes to your website don’t understand the Internet topic at all or don’t have time to do it the topic "website" is already long behind and now you have to act. constantly asked for your website – but don’t have any looking for affordable specialists ...

… because we have the perfect solution for you!


Your professional website includes: Unbeatable, flexible service
Starting price € 34.90 per month

Your all-round-carefree-flat for your website

Our specialists develop your website individually. Once your website is finished, you can work on it like a web-builder. If you do not want that, our service will do it for you. You can also decide that we will do everything for you. Our service plans are highly individual and must suit you – not us.

Examples of how your individual service flat can look like:

  • „Be visible and online“

    Be present on the net, just start, even if it is not clear where the journey should go or you do not need much.

  • Starting price 39.90
    per month
  • Services
  • A new modern website (design and structure)
    Also optimized for mobile devices
    4-5 pages e.g.: Home page, contact, sample imprint & sample privacy policy
  • Service
  • 15 min. Month – Only technical maintenance and updates
  • „Old becomes new“

    Modernize your website, expand features, new content, apply structural changes in the company

  • Starting price 59.90
    per month
  • Services
  • A new modern & expandable website (design and construction)
    Also optimized for mobile devices
    Rebuilding your old website (up to 10 pages)
    Sample imprint & sample privacy policy
    After creating as many more sub-pages as you want
  • Service
  • 30 min. a month – creating, supervising and updates for your website
  • „Expand carefree“

    A new website, mentoring during creation and during the lifetime, expansion of functions, new content at any time

  • Starting price 79.90
    per month
  • Services
  • A new modern & expandable website (design and construction)
    Also optimized for mobile devices
    Rebuilding your old website (up to 10 pages)
    Sample imprint & sample privacy policy
    After creating as many more sub-pages as you want
  • Service
  • 60 min. a month – creating, mentoring, supporting and updates for your website

The website belongs to you at the end of the term, the contract can be detuned prematurely at any time plus 250 € setup fee.

Relaxed on the net. They are never alone. We help you with all concerns about the Internet and success – no matter what it is all about.

printbrain starts ether there where you give up with the homepage build kit or where you pay a lot of money to your rapacious advertising agency.

This is what printbrain websites can do:

  • Expandable

    We can expand your website at any time with additional features. (e.g. newsletter, booking tool, appointments, videos, etc.)

  • Shop

    Your website is already prepared to be expanded as a small online shop.

  • Social media

    If needed -your website is already connected to all sorts of social media portals

  • Regardless

    Freshing up your website while you on holiday or when travelling? Yes, possible – you can. You can also use a smartphone or tablet to operate your homepage.

  • Latest technology

    Your website is a CMS – based on modern, up-to-date and sophisticated technology. You also have the choice of booking a managed web presence on our state-of-the-art servers. This means that we also take over the hosting of your Website for you.

  • Operable

    You can use your website easily – without any programming skills. It’s really, really simple.

  • Design

    We create a design for you that fits your company individually.

  • Mobile - Responsive

    Devices such as smartphones, iPads or tablets make your website easy to read for visitors. The design is always modern and appealing.

This is what our service can do:

  • Carefree:

    No page limit-you can set as many subpages as you like – depending on the service you have booked we will do it for you.

  • cost control

    It’s already all paid for. In addition to the creation of your website, the individually agreed advice and care per year is already included in the price.

  • Actuality warranty:

    This way you can really save time. If you don’t want or can’t maintain your website yourself, we’ll do it for you as part of the included service time – an email or a call is enough.

  • Update warranty:

    Your website is technically always up-to-date – all updates included.

  • Legally:

    We support you in creating imprint, disclaimer and privacy policy. To do this, we will provide you with sample texts that your attorney only needs to check.

  • Mentoring

    Where does the journey go and what is possible? We help you to position your company perfectly on the Internet.

  • Security:

    After the term the website belongs to you. If you want to stay with us we agree on a new service agreement or everything stays as it is and we will work out a relaunch for your website. By paying for the open balance, you can terminate the contract at any time.

  • Service:

    No standard program – our service always aligns with what you need.

  • Individually:

    We motivate you to fill your website with life and explain how you can get new customers through your website.

  • Personally:

    In the agreed service times (by e-mail or phone) Your contact person is available for your individual attention.

  • Measurable:

    In an annual discussion, we discuss together what you can improve with us on your website.

Easy-peasy – it’s so easy with us. – How we develop websites:

  • We discuss your wishes and what you need technically.
  • You will receive your individual design as a website for try out.
  • We store your content – we can also create it as an option.
  • In a test phase, we will work with you to find out the latest optimizations.
  • Done – Your website goes life, and your service time begins.