About us: The printbrain advertising agency

“print-brain.”-Yes that would be it- right? An app, or a button you press, and the idea you have in mind realizes itself – or is at least spent on others in an understandable way. It often fails at the “understandably spent.” This is where our strength lies – we understand industries and problems that they bring. The ideas of our customers are understandable to us – we see our job as to shape feasible and cost-effective communication measures out of these ideas. The best idea is not appropriate if poor implementation does not bring the desired success or even cause harm.

Often ideas fail because the recipient does not want to understand. So, for example an advertising agency that does not do what is good for the customer, but for the agency. Afterwards much was produced and little has worked. Based on these considerations, the print brain concept has emerged. Because what if communication is an ongoing, accompanying process between the client and the agency? And what if the full agency power is also available to customers who otherwise have to do everything themselves for cost reasons? We believe that good and promising customer relationships arise so easily.

How we started …

In short: printbrain was born out of the currently still active Multiple Advertising Agency in Mülheim Ruhr, which had started a test market with the concept in 2014 and received very successful test results. “Thank-you” letters from customers are sent to the advertising industry is normaly rare but here (with surprise) it happens and still does. In addition to the monthly installments for the performance, there was suddenly also appreciation of customers – a rather rare reaction in this industry. In order to clean implement the concept a clear platform was needed – Hello printbrain Mülheim Ruhr.

Our philosophy

As mentioned above, mutual appreciation is very important to us. We treat you, your company and your customers in the same way that we want to be treated ourselves. We want to solve problems with you, capture new customers with you, be pleased if our work is working with you and see how your business grows. We promise you that you will be successful with us! And if you want to know why we promise you – just give us a call and get to know us.

The future.

We will work in the field of communication against the trend of “Do it yourself” (and live with the consequences) and create reasonable and affordable advertising service solutions for the self-employed, founders, small and medium-sized enterprises.


We are definitely not web designers, graphic designers or web developers – we have some. Our strengths are that we have over 25 years of marketing experience and are therefore very valuable for your company. Developing new markets and strategies and implementing them for you is our craft. It may be strange for them that we provide this knowledge between 35 and 80 euros a month as part of, for example, a website -but we hope that it will not stay with you – because we believe in you and us, and we are curious to see how far we come together.

Marketing advice
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